Buffalo Bills Melvin Fowler Has Hands Full Of Ass


Yes, there is a haze over this photo.

You probably have no idea who Melvin Fowler is? Quick hint: J.P. Losman get’s paid to fondle his ass every Sunday in the Fall. Fowler started all 16 games last year for the Bills. But that isn’t why he made the pages of BC.

We had no idea who the guy was until BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich landed these photos of the Got Ass Girls in Vegas for some convention where hot asses were needed. We get a good view here of Melvin appearing to prepare to snap that ass. Just look at how his huge palms wrap around that fine American tail. It’s enough to make grown men weep.

Oh, by the way, the Iceman was at the same shindig because he has an intense radar for tail.

[Got Ass Girls]

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