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Daily Dump: Psycho Gets Ass Kicked, Rick Roll The Mets, Pearl Necklace And Tigers Bashing



The party is over for the UNC All-Girls Squad

Well, so much for that Love vs. Psycho matchup in the championship game. That was a great Final Four, no? Cole Aldrich kicked Psycho’s ass. That’s all we’ve got.

In other news, tonight in primetime, the Tigers try to make it 2 consectutive sweeps. Things could get ugly in Motown, quickly. That team looks old, slow and waiting for someone to step up.  

Today’s Dump: 

ESPN love for Knight sickening [Mushnick/NY Post]

Rick Roll the Mets – all season long [COED]

Partying it up at College Basketball Invitational Championship [Rumors and Rants]

At least Psycho won something this weekend [Mister Irrelevant]

Roy’s face says it all last night [Brahsome]

Asdrubal Cabrera wearing a pearl necklace [on205th]

U. of Arizona football player gets handful [The Dirty]

Eli Manning off the market [Sports By Brooks]

East Coast scribes get in on Tigers’ bashing [Star-Ledger]

…and finally, how to spot a steroid user [Buge Hoobs]

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