Duke, Kansas Fans To Align Forces In Roy Hate


Duke fan, circa 2004. Photo by BrandoB

At least two schools will have equal feelings about Roy Williams tonight as the Final Four takes place in San Antonio. Duke hates Roy for obvious reasons. Then there are the certain KU fans who will never forget Roy for leaving for Tobacco Road.

Kansas fan, Five Tool Tool, breaks down how to treat a UNC loss tonight if you hate Roy Williams.

No one should feel bad about hating this guy. If you do, you have good gosh darn dolly reason. And let’s remember that when Carolina loses this weekend, and the blunders and inexplicable nature of an epic loss is still fresh, and all those teary Roy Williams post-game press conferences begin, remember that those tears are NOT for Roy Williams’ players, or Roy Williams’ school, or Roy Williams’ fans. Those Roy Williams tears are for Roy Williams.

don’t cost him a victory. It’ll be just another lame reason to cry on national television.

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