Daily Dump: Jews/Billy Packer Pumped, Beanie Wells Wants A Piece, Top Gingers And No Naked IU Cheerleader Love




Bill O’Reilly has no sympathy for naked IU cheerleader

Bob Knight has to be the worst hire in the history of ESPN. We’ve all heard his stories. It’s obvious he’s a huge ass. Recollections of 1987 are not interesting. Get his codger ass off the stage. He’s history.

In other news, spring has sprung. Big Gay Rich is getting pumped – for summer. Us pasties in the Midwest will enjoy 60-degree temps and sunshine. Tell the wife to go shopping, get the buddies together and have a great weekend of sports action. The Tigers try to make it 0-for-April this afternoon on national television.

In other news, Billy Packer’s suck fest starts at 6 p.m. EST.

Today’s Dump:

Kournikova starting to look like your neighbor lady Mrs. I’dDoYou [on205th]

Beanie Wells wants a piece of Archie Griffin’s thunder [Waiting For Next Year]

Naked IU cheerleader gets no love from O’Reilly [Don Chavez]

Jews pumped for huge Eric Gordon announcement [The Meaningful Collateral]

Top gingers from sporting world [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Taco Bell introducing new product: burrito that looks like a baby [Holy Taco]

Yet another sad alcohol related death [Tasty Booze]

Drew Carey pulls April Fool’s joke on unsuspecting Price Is Righter [Brahsome]

Cameron Diaz was yesterday’s daily snapshot [COED]

Chicks like Emily Scott won’t be talking to you tonight at the clubs [Uncoached]

Guy wins $130 MegaMillions lottery, could return to E. Mich. U. [Blog of Hilarity]

…and finally, you missed Friday Night with Minka [Cuzoogle]

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