Stephen Curry Brings Media Circus To Big Apple


That right there is the infamous Stephen Curry autograph. Photos by Whitley.

Stephen Curry mania comes to New York today as the baby-faced assassin makes the media rounds in the Big Apple, and will complete his visit with a spot on the Conan O’Brien show that will air tonight.

The NCAA tournament darling has been busy this week. On Wednesday, he was at the Bobcats-Cavs game where he was accosted by autograph seeking white guys (below) who dream of his quick release and jumper.

Curry was in attendance to give back in this budding “Bromance” with LeBron James who, ironically, is just slightly older than the kid who looks like he’d be carded for snuff.

* Sidenote: Even Charlie Rose got on the Curry bandwagon. In case you missed it, Stephen went one-on-one with the PBSer last night. Check out a replay.

The kid will be pulling down top-shelf tail in no time

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