BC A #6 Seed In Suckiest Sports Blog Contest


Sports bloggers are pretty much a tight group of losers who geek out on Erin Andrews pantie lines, Gus Johnson vocal eroticism and Matt Leinart holding beer bongs.

BC built its entire reputation on a stupid idea to figure out which blog was the best of the best, circa 2007. Fire Joe Morgan was able to drive the most traffic to us, hence the overwhelming victory. Not only did this site become semi-famous, it also allowed us entry into Why Don’t We Get Drunk And Blog’s 2008 Suckiest Sports Blog That Ever Sucked Contest!

And get this, we’re a #6 seed in the “Sucked At Playing Sports Region.”

That’s pretty good on the suck’s scale.  Our opponent, Uniwatch, is exactly that; a site that tracks uniforms. The only competition in this bracket would be Losers With Socks. That site sucks.

Voting begins Monday so there will be a friendly reminder to all of you to bring us this title.

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