UK Chick Knows Wildcats Basketball Players Length

Which of these guys is big? Ask UK chick.

The spring break stories continue to trickle in at BC headquarters. And our find tonight just might be the best story of debauchery from 2008. The BROWARD-PALM BEACH NEW TIMES sent a reporter into the bowels of the drunkenness associated with Fort Lauderdale.

The scribe, Michael J. Mooney, returned a gem littered with tales from students who attend Indiana, Kentucky and Ball State. A great story is helped when the kids are in a talking mood. Take this comment from one UK meathead.

Kacey leaned in on the blond girl, who had the straps from her bikini top dangling over the front of her towel. “This girl hooks up with all the basketball players at UK,” he said. “She likes ’em big, if you get what I’m sayin’.” Then he pointed to the 12-inch penis his friends had drawn across his stomach. “But I’ve got the biggest dick on this beach right now. It’s drawn right here. They don’t get bigger than this monster.
Do yourself a favor. Take 15 minutes and read the entire article.

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Sean Taylor Would Be Touched By 4-0 Tribute
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