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Cuff 'Em: NFL Hopeful Doper And LSU Suspension


How Adarius Bowman ruined draft status

We’re rolling out new features around here at a fevered pace. Today we’re happy to introduce “Cuff ‘Em” a daily look at who’s in trouble with the law. It’s our hope to limit this to 5 morons but it can be modified at our discretion or if there is a sudden outbreak of superior stupidity.

    1. LSU linebacker suspended for simple battery, disturbing the peace and resisting officer.
    2. Not smart: NFL hopeful arrested for pot days from draft.
    3. Hey kids, sorry for no jerseys, some moron embezzled the football club money.
    4. Virginia linebacker booted from team for credit card fraud, theft.
    5. All American robs Papa John’s delivery guy, police say.
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