Daily Dump: Portland State Ballers Give Beat Down, Tom Crean Glowing, Jerk It Out And Guy Tags Picnic Table


We may pretend a drowning so she’ll give us mouth-to-mouth

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Today’s Dump:

Portland St. basketball players, allegedly, kick crap out of guy [Sports By Brooks]

Worst cleanup hitter – ever [The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Tom Crean has been tanning – too much [The Meaningful Collateral]

UMass football player jerks it out, arrested [Daily Collegian]

‘Cocks female basketball players intend to deliver pot, police say [Some TV Station]

Great moments in Jerry Coleman’s broadcasting life [Rumors and Rants]

10 creepiest celebrity endorsements [Holy Taco]

Danny Bonaduce knows his kid will be in rehab [MacGsWorld]

OMG! David Cook rushed to hospital after performing Dolly song [Bitten and Bound]

Ronaldo still a decent futbol player [Brahsome]

Which Office would you prefer to work in? [Cuzoogle]

Today’s Tail:

Even more DJ Strawberry busty ex photos [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Our favorite: Daily Snapshot [COED]

Hump Day: Amanda Heard [Next Round]

Hot or not: Mena Suvari [on205th]

Mary Carey’s boobs still going strong [Drunken Stepfather]

Kristy Lee Cook channeled Dolly Parton last night [Tasty Booze]

Guy lands piece of tail – a picnic table [Some TV Station]

Alison Lohman wearing pink [Bright Black Internet]