Manatees Cheerleaders No Comparison To Dolphins

Those are considered hottie rolls. Photos by gymstar

Today was the world debut of the Manatees, a Florida Marlins all-male dance team that is a mixture of man-boobs and fat rolls. This experiment seems to be the wave of the future for baseball teams who can only draw 10,000 a game.

Line up a dozen fat bastards, teach them some dance moves and throw them in front of a crowd only to be laughed at worse than the baseball team.

Seeing as how that is not the way we roll, Big Gay Rich came up with these recently published photos of  Miami Dolphins cheerleaders last fall in a London Virgin MegaStore.

Now, tell us with an honest face you’d prefer if we’d show giant, sweaty man boobs flopping in front of you on this site. We didn’t think so.