Drunken Toronto Futbol Fans Invade Columbus

photos by sjgardiner, Elizabeth Martin, and gittingsc

This was a pleasant surprise from over the weekend. It seems the futbol match between Toronto FC and the Columbus Crew had one helluva tailgate thanks to drunken Canucks, reports the NATIONAL POST.

An estimated 2,400 Toronto fans were bused down for the festivities and left a mark on the host city.

“They’re pissing all over the damn place, and as you can see, they’ve littered it up considerably,” Columbus police lieutenant Kevin Conley said. “And then they decided that they were going to surround one of our cars like they were the Indians and the car was Custer.”

Yeah, nothing like Ohio State football fans, eh Kev.

A church across from the tailgate called police on guys leaking on fences and public indecency. Again, shocking! Big Gay Rich, a closet soccer fan, mentioned he might be making a trip to Canada for an upcoming match if all these penis rumors are true.

The Post reports fans got tanked on the bus ride south and let Cbus Crew fan have it with tons of profanity and insults. In the end Columbus won and everybody went home to their miserable lives.