Busted Coverage Nearly A Witness At Ford Field


Here’s how things went today for BC. At 1 p.m. there were blog posts being worked on. A quick check on the start time for the Davidson game revealed a window of time to make it to Detroit to catch the Stephen Curry phenomenon. And we really wanted to see if Davidson had any hot chicks.

At 3 the first would-be scalper was offering $76 tickets at face value. “Nah, I can do better was the response.”

By 3:30 a ticket could be had for $20. Perfect. Just need a way in and we’ll stand the entire game behind the crazy Davidson student section. All of you watched the game. No need to rehash what you saw on TV so we’ll recap what you didn’t get from Gus Johnson.

Basketball games via binoculars. Get used to it, fans.

Items of Interest from Ford Field:

-No alcohol.

– $8 programs, $25 shirts. True, not Rolling Stones’ prices but still ridiculous, with plenty of buyers.

– Hottest selling t-shirt? The “Witness” shirts worn by Davidson fans.

– $6.50 brats or $6.75 gyro. No beer to wash them down, not worth it.

– Between black security and concession workers, they combined to outnumber the blacks in the seats.

– That elevated court is going to get someone hurt, badly.

– Davidson chicks really are that bad.

– Kansas fans really are that white.

– The Jayhawks treated this as a business trip.

– Davidson came to Detroit to party and you could tell who was having the time of their lives. It really was hard not to get caught up with the hysteria. Without the Davidson students, Ford Field would have been a miserable place to be Sunday evening. The school should be proud of them.

As the Cats made that late second-half run, KU fans were seen looking on in disbelief (see below photo) during a timeout as the biggest party in the Motor City was breaking out in the Davidson student section. Kids too young to drink were jumping around, waving shirts in the air, and singing their lungs out to Sweet Caroline. It’s a moment we won’t soon forget.

– College basketball continues to expand into these super stadiums and the passion of the sport is lost. Luckily a tiny school from North Carolina made it to Detroit to make things interesting.

Actual seats not needed for Davidson students

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