Stephen Curry, Like Tebow, Makes Ladies Smile


(Circa 2007) Stephen Curry manages patch of peach fuzz

Look what Big Gay Rich unearthed this morning. Stephen Curry at a 2007 Davidson blue cup party with a couple of lookers.

Guys, this is what a $41,000 school has to offer. Very smart preppies with great wall art, drinking Chinese liquor and sporting more hues than a United Colors of Benetton catalog.

While we cannot find a shot of Curry doing shots, we assume he just showed up to drink the Hawaiian Punch. The chicks were so pumped that the sharpshooter actually showed for the party, one writes, “Hey, remember when we sent out an e-mail to a billion people saying Stephen Curry would be at our party?

In other news, the guy above has Billy Packer biting his pillow.

These two were also at the party and will never drop 33 on Wisconsin

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