March Madness Hotties! Xavier Leg Spreader


One of Xavier’s finest!

Welcome to the Elite Eight, Xavier. You got a gift from Joe Alexander. Make sure you thank him with a Christmas card. One way or another, Cincinnati Bearcats fan wasn’t going to be happy last night. Huggy Bear vs. the hated Musketeers. That’s enough to make UC fans sick.

Well, after a long arduous search we can brighten the day for all those men in the Queen City. At least one school in that great city was lucky enough to have a fine coed featured in our continuing series, March Madness Hotties!

Meet Xavier cross country runner Kelsey Flaherty. She’s a sophomore marketing major and provides us with this hot as hell leg spreading shot in a shower stall. This was a huge surprise for us. Many times we’ll click on a chicks profile and the photos make her look like she spends 4 days a week in church.

Not Ms. Flaherty. We are proud of her for this action. Xavier ladies aren’t known to mix it up so Kelsey has become an instant favorite.

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