Paula Creamer's Golf Belt Flashes Her Bling


You can’t accuse Paula Creamer of not making a name for herself. She’s talented, wins and we’d actually like to go 18 holes with her over any other LPGA golfer, including Gulbis.

And now Paula is even getting flashy on the course. Check out these pics from the recent Tavistock Cup in Orlando. Nothing says golf rock star like a studded pink belt that looks like it would be worn by a cross-dressing Willie Nelson impersonator.

For some strange reason we dig this look on Ms. Creamer. We’ve seen chicks go this route before and our intuition tells us this means “I’m down for a good time.”  Getting wild, doing whiskey shots and dancing on the bar usually come next. The lesbians who follow the LPGA must be in love with this chick.


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