Kirk Ferentz To Save Program With Life Skills Hire


Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz thinks he’s found the solution to his players behaving like they play for Miami instead of a middle-of-the-road Big Ten school. Kirk has gone out and hired a “life skills mentor,” according to the WATERLOO COURIER.

(Chicks L-R) Never, name a place and time, we’d test drive it.

In other words, he’s hired a guy to baby sit a bunch of morons on scholarship. But the hire must be able to do it all. Baby sit. Be a team Dr. Phil. Mentor incoming morons. Reteach upperclassmen who’ve become morons. And help Ferentz save his job.

“The thing I really struggle with is the repeat mistakes,” Ferentz said. “It probably either means you have a problem, you just don’t care or you’re too dumb to get it. We’ll deal with guys who have problems — we’ve done that in the past — but if it’s the other two categories –

Remember when the Golden Boy was being hosed by NFL GMs? Kirk missed out on that payday. Now he’s strapped with an out-of-control program that resorted to hiring a counselor to get a grip on the team. Isn’t that the coaches job? Doesn’t sound like he’s doing too well.

Oh well, as long as the Hawkeyes keep providing us with fodder, we’ll keep reporting it.

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