Daily Dump: Fergie Birthday, Clemson Money Brick, Michelle Wie Dating, Huggy Bear Laughs And Laula Lavin One Hot Redhead



Fergie is one year closer to 40

This might be one of our best ever Dumps. It was hard to figure out the headliners but we’re going with the Clemson guy holding bricks of 20s. Maybe he emptied his savings account to take pictures for his MySpace page. Anyway, thanks guys for the great links.

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Today’s Dump:

Clemson baller shows off money wad before making it rain [Brahsome]

Michelle Wie dating one of Lopez brothers [Sports By Brooks]

Friday Night Lights killing ‘Cocks football program [NextRound]

NY Times gets rickrolled about rickrolling [FanIQ]

Huggy Bear gets last laugh on Cincy president [The Meaningful Collateral]

Breaking down future NFL OLBs, MLBs, Sams and Whips [Rumors and Rants]

Dr. Pepper’s interesting PR campaign centers on Axl Rose [COED]

Dude lands 16-year-old bride named Jaime Lynn Spears [Holy Taco]

Gina Crush Carano gets back into octagon [Cage Potato]

Mother of the Year contest really heating up [Tasty Booze]

Idol David Cook with one angry grandma [Losers With Socks]

Top Shaq criticisms of Miami Heat [Epic Carnival]

Great list of when your favorites TV shows will return [Cuzoogle]

Today’s Tail:

Blogger has major chick announcement today [Don Chavez]

Laula Lavin is one hot redhead [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Was Christina Ricci ever hot? [Drunken Stepfather]

Reon Kadena is popular with the Asians [on205th]

Very cute, cuddly Chinese flight attendants [Bright Black Internet]

Katie Holmes not cool anymore [Blog of Hilarity]

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