Tori Spelling Book Signing Attracts San Fran Losers


We normally wouldn’t bother with such a stupid actress. So we wont’ attack the B-lister, instead it’s time to drive some sense into the morons who stood outside of a Virgin Megastore in San Francisco to get an autograph from Donna Martin, aka Tori Spelling.

The same dumb broad who walks her dog around in a baby stroller.

Name one good reason for such nonsense. Wasn’t there a great reality show marathon to watch? It’s not that we’d kick Donna out of the sack. She still has those boobs and pencil thin figure. But come on. You people in line need to get some priorities. We’re in a recession. Gas will soon be $5 a gallon. You can’t pay the mortgage. And here you are buying some stupid book just so the bimbo will slap ink on it.

In other news, our server host has lost all credibility with this operation. We spent at least 8 hours today without steady service. Bastards!

Looks like a high-end bread line, but it’s really for a chance to meet Tori. Sickening.

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