SDSU Freshman Football Player Thieves $2.19


Jacking $2.19 from a bookstore won’t get you much these days. But it will land you in handcuffs. Just ask San Diego State University defensive lineman Ernie Lawson who was picked up for thieving the small amount from the student bookstore, police say.

THE DAILY AZTEC has the titillating details of how Lawson was held and later released after the incident.

“For now, he is (going to keep practicing) until we find out everything,” head coach Chuck Long said. “Before I make a statement or hand down some punishment, I’ve got to find out everything first.”

Was that a prepared statement, ready for any type of arrest? Uh, coach, he was probably caught trying to yank a 3-pack of rubbers instead of going to the student health center.

Here are a few items Lawson could have been trying to land for free:

A 12 oz. King Beer lager from Australia

A multi-use plastic pen and pencil holder

Package of Shirataki Tofu

Bottle of Izze to quench his thirst at the beach

And the favorite of any late-night athlete hitting the books…gummy LifeSavers.

Thankfully the Aztecs haven’t given up on the soon to be sophomore over a little misunderstanding.

Lawson, who will be a sophomore next year, was at practice yesterday and is expected to remain with the team during his pending investigation.

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