John Daly: "I Need A Woman In My Life"


There is no debate about it, John Daly is the greatest interview in sports right now. Jeremy Fowler of the ORLANDO SENTINEL recently went out on the town with the legend and landed some classic Daly quotes.

Most of the conversation took place after a second bottle of Crown Royal was introduced. Daly, never one to mince words, let loose on what he really needs in life other than a new swing coach.

“If there’s one thing about John Daly, he’s a survivor,” Daly said. “The people who say I need to stop drinking and lose weight, they need to talk to God. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been given nine lives by now. But I’m OK. I’ve had some to drink today, but I’m good.”

Asked about his recent problems and the departure of Butch Harmon, Daly shares reasonable wisdom.

“I don’t need a coach,” said Daly, who is reportedly going through his fourth divorce. “I need a woman in my life.”

As for his love of Hooters,

“I look at those girls who work at Hooters as my daughters,” Daly said. “I love to see little baseball teams come in there and eat wings and coaches are happy because they won. That’s what I see in Hooters.

“When my (fourth) wife was in jail, I parked my bus at Hooters in Houston and my son didn’t want to go to day care. He just wanted to be at Hooters. And I feel safe about that.”

It’ll be a shame when this guy really goes off the deep end. Then we’ll be stuck with Tiger and the rest of the overly snobbish PGA Tour where the Euros wear 29-inch waist pants and drink smoothies instead of Crown and Coke.

Or in the case of Daly, Crown straight from the bottle.

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