March Madness Hotties! Hilltoppers Party Major


Kentucky foreplay.

Quick! Name the two Kentucky teams in the Sweet 16. OK, so you got Western Kentucky right away. After two exciting wins, the Hilltoppers get #1 seed UCLA in Phoenix. At least the team gets to visit a kick ass city. As an early consolation to all of our fans from Western, we bring you one of the hottest party chicks south of the Ohio River. And she’s a Hilltopper.

Meet Heather. Her MySpace profile says she’s a Health Education major, however it seems she hits the clubs more than the books. Her site is a treasure. It’s filled with (179) shots of her partying with random dudes and whipping guys at her job (above). When Big Gay Rich goes hunting for mid-major tail it’s always interesting what he’ll find.


Most schools like Western have plenty of 6s and some 7s. Very rarely do we come across 8s like Heather. She mixes the perfect balance of class, education, partying, working and sexiness to climb up one spot on the Western board of hotties. If we were going to date this chick it would be a concern that she’s been in school since 2003.

It seems she could just get naked already, make some huge bucks and quit worrying about pleasing her parents with a college education. Hell, look at what college degrees mean to bloggers. It’s a one-way ticket to laptops, free Starbucks wi-fi and late night Erin Andrews’ photo hunts.

Yet another addition to our continuing series, March Madness Hotties!

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