How To Earn Extra Millions Come NFL Draft Time


We’re tired of the ladies complaining about lack of hot guys

In just 4 weeks, a new group of American males will become millionaires with the announcement of their name. That’s it. That quick. We’re 30 some days away from the NFL Draft so it’s pretty much too late to worry about making an impression on scouts.

That’s what January, February and Tom Shaw were for. BC unearthed photos of the extreme regimen NFL hopeful meatheads went through to get prepared for the Combine and hopefully landing a million-dollar contract.

As you can see above, the training included male bonding, touching and water sports. Not that we’re telling that to the faces of Will Proctor,Brian Stamper and Mike McGlynn. If you want to waterslide together, have at it. You won’t see bloggers going through such training.

NFL riches are made training in a swimming pool

From our research it appears Tom Shaw is the man. He was the speed coach for Florida State and decided there was a ton of money to be made preparing barbarians for scouting combines and a NFL career. Things appear to be going well. Glenn Dorsey was one of his students this winter. Something tells us Glenn will be cashing some rather big checks here in a couple weeks.

Dorsey before eating Shaw’s camp dietitian


Dorsey working on abs to impress NFL cheerleaders

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