BC Tells DreamHost To Go *Blank* Itself


Slowly busting a cap on a beer……. Well, it’s been an interesting 4 days for Busted Coverage. Our host, ironically named DreamHost, decided to take a shit on its customers and as a result this site has been pretty much useless for the last 48 hours. We were lucky enough this morning to post the Dick Enberg-UCLA cheerleader pic that ended up being a hot commodity on the Internets.

Thanks DreamHost. Only thousands of visitors instead found that pic on Awful Announcing and With Leather.

It appeared things were fine this morning but that was soon trumped by an entire system failure. We’re back up and just to say thanks to our loyal visitors, we’re planning on having a poon party around here tonight.

Crank some Daniel Powter and we’ll be back after a beer and a Flickr search.

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