The Top 5 "Crowd Hockey Fights" We Could Find


#5: Going to dressing room tough when guy blindsides you.

We found this nugget out of Florida this morning. Over 100 deputies were need to bring a Sunshine State flea market brawl under control after alleged gang members began fighting with pool cues and billiard balls.

While it was impossible to find video of this genre of fighting, it was easy to compile a Top 5 “Crowd Hockey Fights” that involve sticks and fisticuffs.  After pulling this feature together, BC now understands that Canadians really don’t mind getting smacked around with a hockey stick as long as they don’t spill the beer.

#4. Tie Domi and Flyers fan get acquainted in penalty box

#3. Rob Ray teaches guy a lesson for coming onto his hockey rink

#2. One of the true classics. Never grab hockey player’s stick.

#1. Hockey stick swinging at its finest. This one moves into top spot based on pornish background music.

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