Roy Williams, Heels Hate NCAA Floor Logos


Roy Williams has a gripe about the NCAA Tournament. He’s piping hot about the huge NCAA logos gracing mid-court that tripped up a couple of Heels this past weekend, according to the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER.

 “Let’s stop putting those stupid logos on the floor where kids slip and slide around and somebody is going to get hurt,” Williams said, “and I’ve said that for years and years and years,” Roy told the Observer.  Uh, someone needs to tell Roy that the NCAA paid big money for that prime advertising space.

How would we ever tell that this tournament is the “NCAA” without the logos? Maybe television viewers would mistaken it for the NIT. It would be cool if the television viewer could choose which logos are on the court while they watch the game. You pull up a menu on your TV like the Guide button. The logos are superimposed on the court like those baseball billboards behind the ump.

Just think of the advertising dollars such an invention would bring in. We’d go with Playboy (half-court), Penthouse (in the paint) and Poon of the SEC (on the baseline).

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