Davidson: Billy Packer's New Team To Hate

Winthrop students looking dumb this morning

*(Above) Winthrop poster you won’t be seeing at next year’s showdown with Davidson.

. CBS would go absolutely crazy with ‘Cats mania this weekend. And it didn’t hurt that the team knocked off a very good Georgetown. Stephen Curry is your 2008 poster child. Is he half white? That takes him up a notch on corporate America’s branding boards.

Sorry Western Kentucky. You don’t have a semi-famous parent. Something tells us Jim Nantz just wants to hug Curry and not let go.

It’s not just the CBS machine in play here. ESPN also has officially become slobbery over Curry, which is fine. Just don’t bury us with the fact that his father is Del. WE GET IT!

Somewhere Billy Packer is stewing that he won’t get to talk about the greatness of Duke, the big men of Georgetown and the luscious legs of Michael Beasley.

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