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March Madness: #15 And #16 Seeds Trash Talk


UMBC: “We Play Better From Behind.”

Besides a couple of classics, this tournament has been decent. The Pac-10 is overrated, Clemson wasn’t that good, UConn wasn’t either. Bob Knight is not good television. And Billy Packer was sickening yesterday.

So, as usual, we took amusement in what happened away from the court. Take the photo above where a couple of UMBC baller backers were pictured barking at fans from Mt. St. Mary’s in Raleigh. Yeah, that’s a #15 having words with a #16.

Making this scene even better was the guy’s shirt with a couple of dogs doing it doggie style. Get it…UMBC’s mascot is the retriever. Now this is how to make it onto the pages of BC. Shirts with dog mounting. Let’s see that appear in the Washington Post.

[Far From a Case Of Dogging It] Washington Post

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