Spring Break Motel: No Beer Bongs Allowed!

Imagine the shock and horror of paying big dollars for a Florida spring break trip only to find out the motel where you are staying doesn’t allow beer bongs. Let us repeat that for you –NO BEER BONGS ALLOWED!

The rage from one 21-year-old beer bomber led to a furious confrontation with an off-duty police officer and ultimately an arrest from the Bay County Sheriff’s office, according to the PANAMA CITY NEWS-HERALD.

As seen in Florida grocery store

The meathead was offered a chance to reread the house rules.  “Yeah, I just signed the damn thing, I didn’t read it and I still don’t care,” the spring breaker replied. As the spring breaker was pouring a beer into the funnel the deputy took it away from him. The spring breaker berated the deputy until the deputy arrested him, according to the deputy’s incident report.

For some reason the motel didn’t want beer bongs but didn’t mind college drunks hauling in massive amounts of booze for a week of debauchery that could lead to destroyed rooms and rum and Coke stained carpet.

Oh well, the kids will just have to go back to bonging the old fashion way. Shot gunning.

Random spring breaker partying with his grandmother 



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