Beating The Man: Madness Pricks & Predictions

*Resident gaming expert Ralph of Sport Betting Information lends advice on where to play the money line for today’s games. He’s already had some misses so please, don’t threaten to kick our asses if you lose. Look up Ralph.

Not this again. Just when you’ve got your NCAA Tournament bracket all filled out and you’ve forked over the five buck entry fee, you’re being told to pull out or face jail time. Under current California law, for example, if you are caught organizing or placing a bet in a sports office pool you will be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony and sent to the slammer for up to a year.


How much do you want to bet that every fat farted FBI agent and porky politician opposed to NCAA Tournament office pools has never had the balls to play college sports before, let alone get the Final Four right?

Here are my first round NCAA Tournament bracket picks. Read ’em and weep.


UNC over St. Mary’s

Arkansas over Indiana

George Mason over Notre Dame

Washington State over Winthrop

Oklahoma over St. Joseph’s

Louisville over Boise State

Butler over South Alabama

American over Tennessee


Kansas over Portland State

UNLV over Kent State

Villanova over Clemson

Vanderbilt over Siena

Kansas State over USC

Cal State Fullerton over Wisconsin

Gonzaga over Davidson

Georgetown over UNBC


Memphis over Texas Arlington

Oregon over Mississippi State

Michigan State over Temple

Pittsburgh over Oral Roberts

Kentucky over Marquette

Stanford over Cornell

St. Mary’s CA over Miami Florida

Texas over Austin Peay


UCLA over Mississippi Valley State

Texas A&M over BYU

Drake over Western Kentucky

San Diego over Connecticut

Purdue over Baylor

Xavier over Georgia

West Virginia over Arizona

Duke over Belmont