Top Five One Shining Moments In CBS History


 #5. 1991: Dickie V finds only true love in his life – the Dookies.

We have basketball on the brain today – for some reason. Maybe it has to do with the greatest tournament in sports history tipping off at some ridiculous time like 12:36 EST. Why can’t we get that game going at 12:35? TBS would.

Anyway, it got us thinking about our childhood memories. And we cry at the thought of how influential One Shining Moment is on a generation of American males. It’s possible that these video montages are the only time in a guy’s life that he’ll cry in front of another guy.

So without further debate, drama or stupid commentary, we present the Top 5 One Shining Moments In CBS History!

Feel free to cry, fellas.

#4. 1992:  A true classic. Laettner had great hair, Webber wasn’t fat and The Tark was still chomping on a towel. It’s been 15 years. Crazy.

#3. 1988: This one moves up to the 3-spot on the strength of Steve Kerr doing some stupid dance. And how about Larry Brown’s goofy ass glasses. Those still resonate with BC.

#2. 2003: One Shining Moment gets a 21st Century magical makeover courtesy of R&B legend Luther Vandross. The new composition leads to huge run on Vandross CDs. Syracuse goes on classic run and cuts the nets. Still brings a tear.

#1. 1987: The original. So gay, yet so right.

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