March Madness Hotties! 2008 UCLA Undie Run


Facebook! Facebook! Put it on Facebook! F@ck Yeah! 

Please understand that we’re not sexist but if we could change one thing about the 2008 UCLA Undie Run it would be that dudes are banned. We’re comfortable with our heterosexuality, but there comes a point where a college Undie Run should come down to the basics – chicks and thongs.

But we’ll settle for these gems Big Gay Rich landed this morning from Bruins celebrating final’s week. And just so we make this post sports oriented we can tell you that UCLA is a #1 seed and super douche Joe Lunardi has them winning it all.

Now, getting back to this Undie Run. We’re not talking 10s here guys. Don’t jump our asses when the photographer only captures 6s. If we had the money Big Gay Rich would be on-site for this celebration. Enjoy what we can provide.

Part of the continuing March Madness Hotties Series!

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