Impress Buddies With Useless Billy Packer Facts


You hate him with a passion. He hates your mid-major school. You’ll scream at the television during the Final Four. Billy Packer, at times, will make the next 3 weeks hellish if you already dislike the former Wake Forest guard.

But do you really know Packer?

Drop these knowledge bombs on your buddies and they’ll surely be impressed.

Billy Packer Fun Factoids!

• Authored several books you’ve never read such as History of the Final Four and Why We Win.

• Only coaching gig was an assistant’s job at Wake.

• Once bitch slapped Jim Nantz for mispronouncing Gonzaga.

• Became a regular tournament announcer in 1975 by joining Curt Gowdy at the mic. College basketball forever haunted by his bald head.

• Phil Martelli would kick his ass in a street fight.

• Once impressed Duke women who asked to see a press pass. His response, “Since when do we let women control who gets into a men’s basketball game?”

• Cherishes his Izzone t-shirt.

[Billy Packer Wiki]

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