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College Lineman Can Order Photo Of Court Visit

A University of Maine-Orono defensive lineman is in a little trouble for carjacking. 344-pound behemoth Bryan Grier was months from graduating but somehow decided he’d strong arm a chick for her 2001 Jeep Cherokee, the FOSTER DAILY DEMOCRAT reports.


Police Lt. Tim Brownell also spoke during the arraignment, saying that from information he had gathered from classmates and school officials, Grier was a good student and had started acting strange about two or three days ago,” the paper reports.

Ho, hum, yet another college athlete arrested for a felony. We’re not shocked by anything, even if it did happen in some out of the way Maine town. The real story here is how the Democrat is actually selling the Grier court photo for $30. That’s right, you can get the 11X14 at that price or an 8X10 for $20.

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