Nelson Brothers Still Landing Top Shelf Tail


Well…well… well, what do we have here? Big Gay Rich went above the call of duty tonight when he dug up new shots of classic chick magnets The Nelson Brothers. Take a good look at how the boys, Matthew and Gunnar, are still able to leave ’em smiling in the airport.

We always thought the name Gunnar was so cool. Just imagine dragging hotties on your legs as they scream your name. “Todd!” or “Larry” just doesn’t work. But when a blond with teased bangs and stone-washed jeans is calling you “Big Gunnar” you know life can’t get much better.

Believe it, or not, the Nelson boys still hit the road to make ends meet. If you’re in the Palm Springs area this Saturday and have nothing better to do, stop by and check out the crooners. They’ll appreciate someone showing up.

[Matt&Gunn + eBay Auctions = Sad]

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