March Madness Hotties! UT-Arlington Smokeshow



Chick (right) is UT-Arlington cheerleader

The continuing series that is sweeping the nation – March Madness Hotties! – gets back in gear today as we catch up with the doings in Arlington, Texas, home ironically, to the University of Texas-Arlington. The Mavs have a showdown with #1 seed Memphis tomorrow so it was imperative we published these photos, quickly.

We’d like to introduce you to Whit, a confirmed UTA cheerleader who seems to be cool enough. She has Halloween parties, smokes hookahs and shows skin. Pretty normal these days but the pickings were slim at this school.

Our 20-year-old subject is a nursing major with a minor in nutrition. She has a brother in Iraq and owns dogs. We’re not digging any deeper than that. We hear the Texas Rangers are not friendly to those east of the Mississippi.

Remember you saw Whit here first when she gets 2 seconds of airtime as the Mavs’ get their nuts twisted in a vise by the Tigers.

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