March Madness Hotties! Tanned Oregon Ducks


Hold up – we’ll get that for you

We demand answers. Now!
Where is the University of Oregon mining all this cheerleading talent? We’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Portland and Eugene and never seem to come across blonds that look like this. Not going to UO might have been one of BC’s biggest life mistakes. If we had it to do all over again our decision would have come down to USC, UO, ASU, LSU and Florida. Flip a coin.

It’s like shopping at a Mercedes dealer

Anyway, the Ducks got into the tournament obviously on the talent they showed at the Pac-10 Tournament where the cheerleaders put on a show for the selection committee. As a bonus, the ladies get to take part in our March Madness Hotties! Series.
UO will take on #8 Mississippi State tomorrow in Little Rock.
This will be a must see due to the fact a cheerleader could have a uniform malfunction and we want to be tuned in for any such happening.
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