Daily Dump: Floyd Mayweather Could Get Hurt, ‘Cocks Walk-On Hammered, Jade Eden And Mariah’s Panty Shot



It’s Green Bikini Day!

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Today’s Dump:

St. Patty’s Day in the hood [What Up Thug]

‘Cocks football walk-on gets rowdy at Patty’s Day party, arrested [The State]

Best video we’ve seen in some time [YouTube]

More on out of control 18th birthday in UK- 2,000-pound repair bill [Herald-Express]

Top 10 injuries that could happen to Floyd Mayweather [on205th.com]

Watch out for the sledder…bro…watch out…shit!!!! [COED]

Vote for your favorite talking head [Sports Media Journal]

Jade Eden lingerie shots perfect on Monday morning [Bright Black Internet]

Al Davis gets another career to ruin [The Play in CA]

The Knicks might be terrible, dancers just fine [Hottest Girls of Cheerleading]

SNL cameras share Mariah panty shots with world [Tasty Booze]

This Duke application will come in handy this week [Brahsome]

A shame: Scottish campaign to stop Hooters [Daily Record]

Know exactly when favorite bartender is working with Navel Cam [Twin Cities.com]

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