March Madness Hotties! UNLV Implants!


Just imagine, one of these chicks has a degree from UNLV

This was a dream come true scenario for Busted Coverage. UNLV throttles BYU to win the Mountain West tournament and gives us the chance to cruise for smoking hot UNLV coeds.

And you know what that means. Implants! Huge, expensive flotation devices.

So this search for March Madness Hotties was enjoyable. We originally started a wild goose chase for Belmont ladies and turned up very little from the Nashville college. Frustrated, Big Gay Rich was told to change directions and make a trip to Sin City for boobs and beer.

This is the result.

Meet Steph, a recent Running Rebel grad who seems to have found post-college employment on the bar circuit like the rest of the injected Vegas hotties. She was an Event and Meeting Management major. In other words, she can party and handle a drink tray. Yet again we score a chick who slams vodka straight from the bottle.

We sense a trend. This chick is on a one-way path toward landing a sugar daddy and a Mercedes by the fall. We know many of you degenerates are heading to the desert this week. Look her up and flash your debit card.

Continuing March Madness Hottie Coverage:

Portland State Cheerleaders!

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