Daily Dump: SEC Tournament Mess, Mangino Boob Massager, Petra Nemcova And The Big Lead Comes Out


Eliot Spitzer would pay big bucks for 5 minutes with Petra

Sorry for the late Dump. Last night involved some bad tequila. That garbage landed BC in front of the porcelain God and didn’t let up until after lunch. So now we can get busy talking about March Madness and chicks. That’s what weekends are made of, right?

Have fun hanging with your wife/girlfriends dopey friends who don’t like basketball. Suckers!

Today’s Dump:

Kentucky fans try to bribe way into today’s game [Courier-Journal]

The logical solution to mess: cancel tournament [The Meaningful Collateral]

A sexy chick in video with a twist [COED]

This chick likes Amare and the Hulkster [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Mangino could really use this massager [Tasty Booze]

Nicole Kidman’s bodyguard pounds paparazzi [Brahsome]

Petra Nemcova never gets old [Bright Black Internet]

Eliot Spitzer’s hooker was in a music video [Holy Taco]

The Big Lead came out of the closet this week [SI.com]