Pethouse Pet Erica Ellyson Does Clay Buchholz, Has Milk Mustache


Let’s cut the bullshit, people. Clay Buchholz is one of the luckiest pitchers in Boston Red Sox history. We used to consider Clemens the luckiest until it was revealed some dude was sticking needles in his ass. Then we reconsidered.

Now Buchholz is the man. He’s in line for a huge contract and he’s tagging Penthouse Pet Erica Ellyson. And she seems fun as hell from the quickie look we gave her MySpace pictures. Just look at how she hangs all over Artie Lange and WeeMan. It just goes to show if you’re funny, a midget and can throw a MLB no-hitter, you have a shot with this chick.

Our favorite: the milk mustache. Just seems appropriate this morning.

That’s all we’ve got.

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