News To Us: Erin Andrews Has Zits!


The Erin Andrews Male Crush Machine keeps churning and the DAILY ILLINI lands an EA interview where she reveals a shocker to men who figured she was perfect. Not so, says the leggy sideline lurker.

DI: I’m sure you’ve been asked this question a lot, but you were named Playboy’s “sexiest sportscaster.” What does that mean to you?

EA: That they have no idea I have zits and that I run on five hours of sleep. It was very flattering. It was very nice for the people to vote, but I’m the biggest tomboy out there and don’t look anything like “The Girls Next Door,” like the girls that live with Hugh Hefner. So it was very nice, but come on.

We can deal with running on five hours of sleep. This blogging gig has us up at all hours of the night seeking photos of hot chicks. Now that is a job! Meanwhile, EA sleeps in some hotel bed, lonely and single while every true American male would drop what they are doing to go Bruce Pearl on her.

Why did she have to go and tell us about the zits? That really saddens us, but we’re willing to overlook flaws.

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