The View From JaMarcus Russell's Escalade Camera


Fatter: JaMarcus Russell or Jared Lorenzen?

Better ride: Stupid question

Flickr user iPhone recently released images of what is said to be JaMarcus Russell’s Escalade parked at some hotel in some town. Supposedly iPhone works as a valet and parked this freakish ride, sportin’ ’26” diamond-encrusted rims.’

We’ve all seen stars and their cars but who’s ever driven those same rides. Or better yet, who’s taken photos of a buddy on the SUVs in-dash security camera (below). That is exactly what iPhone managed while parking fatboy’s ride.

“Taken from inside the Oakland Raiders star’s Cadillac Escalade. His entourage was in and out of the hotel I work at all weekend, and I drove his Mercedes Benz S600 V12 and his Cadillac Escalade, as well as his bodyguard’s GMC Sierra (pictured) a few times,” reports the valet.

The only security Russell needs is a lock on the hotel buffet table. Dude has been seriously throwing down the grub and the Raiders have been scrambling to say he’s not hitting the scales at 300+. Who’s ready for another 3-13 season?

Russell’s other ride – kinda tight for fatass

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