John Daly Remains Our Drunken Golf Hero


Daly with Material Bitch

John Daly: #2 on our list (#1: Kyle Turley) of guys we’d like to do shots with.

The NY DAILY NEWS reports today that Daly was shown the gate at the Arnold Palmer Invitational for missing yesterday’s Pro-Am outing. Daly’s excuse. “(I was) given his tee time for Thursday by mistake.” Classic Daly. Missing the event cost him the chance to play in this week’s tournament.

Like he cares. Big John is just down for a good time and proved that last week when he spent 2 1/2 hours in a Hooters tent during a rain delay at the POD Championship. When he returned to the course he had Jon Gruden carrying his bag.

Daly, obviously toasted, missed the cut.

It’s refreshing to know that there remains at least one guy to root for on the PGA circuit. If Phil Mickelson drank more and combined that with his gambling habit we could possibly have a Daly-Phil drunken slob ticket in the golfing world.

Meanwhile, Tiger continues to rake pot after pot.

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