Breaking: Busted Coverage Vacation Photo Dump


Blue Ball, Pa. really does exist

While super bloggers such as Will Leitch and Matt Ufford jet off to sandy beaches for vacation, BC heads to Blue Ball, Pa. to take in the vantage point from Blue Ball Lanes.

Spectacular comes to mind. Sprawling land filled with 3-story, 2 bath homes. Amish living in the stone age. And the word Blue Ball everywhere you look. Blue Ball bank. Blue Ball carryout. Blue Ball doctor. Blue Ball dentist.

But that wasn’t the only stop on this trek. A vacation isn’t complete without a stop in NYC to get a good look at the pornish art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The huge amount of foreigners at the Met made it hard to get more shots of boobs. And what’s with the uber-art fan guy always has to ruin a great shot by sticking his nose on the piece to get a better inspection.

Back away Euro dude, BC has photos to take.

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