A Woman’s Perspective: Canceling Date With Cavs Dancer


The story of our buddy has legs thanks to the ladies at Bitten and Bound. Missy was nice enough to give us a woman’s perspective to all this madness.

Alright from a woman’s perspective – he was kind enough to send the dancer flowers when he canceled the date. Girls cancel dates all the time. Why is it so bad for a man to change his mind? I think women would rather not waste their time on someone who isn’t sure.

Now probably from all the crap this guy is getting from his friends, the date may be back on. If I were the girl, I would say sorry, but no thanks, You had your chance.

We agree with Missy. If you cancel a date with a hot chick don’t expect a second chance. This woman has a Rolodex of men willing to wine and dine. LeBron’s chef? Check. Mike Brown’s massage therapist? Very possible. Fox Sports Ohio cameraman? If desperate.

It’s obvious. 6-foot-7 just made one of the biggest mistakes of his dating career.

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