SHOCKER! Adele Silva Bikini Shoot Career Over


This is the type of news we hate to report. UK bombshell Adele Silva tells HELLO! that she’s “too old to pose for magazines” in her bikini. Hot chicks hanging up the work bikini has to be one of the worst days we go through. It’s like Cal Ripken finally taking a day off. It’s very unexpected and it hurts to think an era is finished.

Adele, 27, has obviously gotten too old to show off those perfectly enhanced breasts and flat stomach. “I see younger girls in those magazines looking fantastic and think, ‘You’re 27 now, Adele, you can’t compete’.” Um, yeah, whatever. If this chick is posing in a magazine, BC is looking.

The now-retired model has set new goals for her life. Those include preventing ‘bingo wings.’ “When I get older I want to be able to wave goodbye without my arms wobbling.”

Now that is a chick with her priorities in check. More women should fall in line and follow the advice of this wise 27-year-old. No bingo wings, ladies. Men don’t want to see flying flab.

[More Adele Silva]

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