Dopey Keith McCants Sits In Jail Cell


Used to be worth $7.4 million, now driving without insurance

Keith McCants just can’t catch a break. The former ‘Bama star and NFL bust once signed a $7.4 million contract but has now been reduced to a doper loser who is now sitting in an Alabama jail cell for driving without insurance.

The PRESS REGISTER reports McCants agreed to serve a 10-day jail sentence instead of paying the $610 fine.

Smart move, Keith. Now you’ll have extra money to buy more crack when you get out. Plus, it’s a warm bed you haven’t had in some time. You’ll have electric, cable, hot meals and mail service. It’s like a 4-star hotel compared to life you’ve been living.

of how McCants has been recently found in doper houses and without a dime of his former contract that made him a very rich man.

Something tells us ESPN will be on this story in about a month.

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