Daily Dump: Busted Coverage Back From East Coast Vacation




BC returns with a pair of welcoming balloons

That’s right, fellas, BC is back after surviving an East Coast vacation full of crazy rain storms and drinking iced tea on the rocks at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse with Brock Landers (Hottest Girls of MySpace). Now that’s a vacation. Someone needs to remind us not to visit NYC in March.

So this Daily Dump is just a quick note to say things will be returning to normal. No more vacations planned. Get ready. We’re planning on continuing our recent hot streak. 

Couple of quick points of interest:

-What’s up with Hyatt and Marriott thinking $10 is a good deal for 24-hours of Internet service?

– Crazy people at the Met take their art very seriously and are scary.

– Diesel prices at $4.03! Time to consider vegetable oil burning VW.

– Taking toll roads from the Midwest to NYC/Philly will cost you a months worth of AdSense.

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