Daily Dump: Naked Austrian’s, Slippery Rock Alum, Bruce Weber Struggles And Taking A Swing



Welcome to a special edition of the Daily Dump. BC is on a road trip so we’ll make this short and sweet. The ultimate goal this weekend is a rendezvous visit with Hottest Girls of MySpace. We’ll see if Brock Landers can pull himself away from the ladies long enough to share some wisdom on the world of women.Â

Today’s Dump:

Top 10 athletes to take a swing at [Blue Monkey Disco Party]

Bruce Weber struggling in the win column [The Meaningful Collateral

Camilla Belle is hot and you’ll never get her [COED

Top 10 hockey fights of the 2008 season -so far [on205th

Giant breasts help penal system [HolyTaco

Driving instructor shouldn’t be landing DUI [Tasty Booze

Like usual, Tenn. owns Fla. [Losers With Socks

Check out discussion on NYT sports reporter [The Big Lead

Stadium to be filled with naked people [Sports By Brooks]

 …and finally, to close down this dump, we give you this Slippery Rock alum who is busting out of everything she wears.  

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