Woman Throws Father-In-Law's Ashes On Husband


This is a woman you want to stay away from.

A fair fight amongst married combatants is nothing new, but when one side throws another’s dead father’s ashes on you, that is crossing the line. The KNOX COUNTY TIMES brings us ashen details of how a guy drinking beers and watching football turned into a jail visit and probably a nasty divorce proceeding.

The husband-wife fight had all the usual weapons of war. Punches, Simple Green, Windex, etc. But the over-the-edge moment came when wife took the fight too far.

“She told police that the urn did not hit her husband, but the ashes were scattered all over the room. He, in turn, grabbed a bottle of Windex, dumped it over her head and threatened to set her on fire, according to the court document,” the Times reports.

Police report the husband had his father’s ashes covering his legs. We’re not kidding. Read the report for yourself.

This should be a lesson to all that if you are going to be the keeper of your parents ashes, they should remain on lockdown. You don’t want mom or dad being sprayed in a nasty domestic dispute. It’s just not cool having to vacuum your parents into a Shop-Vac.


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